African Export Import Financial institution : Africa Co-Assure Platform companions reaffirm dedication to catalyzing commerce and funding

Cairo, 27 September 2022 – Amid rising urgency for instruments to de-risk investment across Africa, the Africa Co-Guarantee Platform‘s (CGP) six partners have affirmed commitments to better leverage guarantee and insurance products, resulting in more trade and investment across Africa. The partners pledged to extend direct transaction support for specific projects, including infrastructure development and … Read more

Crop Insurance coverage Potential to Drive Good Agriculture in Africa

Most farmers in Africa rely on rainfed agriculture, and their production system is most vulnerable to climate-related events. These loss-triggering perils are responsible for the reduced food security on the continent. Therefore, it is imperative to find appropriate risk mitigation and transfer solutions to ensure uninterrupted production and processing systems. Farmers purchase crop insurance to … Read more

JA Worldwide and JA Africa Announce Partnership with Z Zurich Basis to Create Shiny, Boundless Futures for African Youth

Z Zurich Foundation (ZZF) announced today-International Youth Day-that it will partner with JA Worldwide and JA Africa (, building on relationships already established with JA Canada and Junior Achievement España (JA Spain). ZZF has made a strategic decision to venture and fund Africaand has chosen us, Africa’s largest and most-impactful youth-serving NGO, JA Africa, as … Read more

‘Africa Trend’ within the highlight at V&A exhibition | Tradition | Arts, music and life-style reporting from Germany | DW

With its first-ever exhibition on African fashion, London’s Victoria and Albert Museum (known as the V&A), the world’s largest museum of applied arts, decorative arts, and design that was created 170 years ago, is attempting to address its colonial past. The landmark exhibition “Africa Fashion” features objects, sketches, textiles, photographs and films from across the … Read more

French Gallerist Cecile Fakhoury On The Up to date African Artwork Scene

Abidjan, Dakar and Paris: the Ivory Coast-based art gallery owner Cécile Fakhoury today runs three eponymous spaces in three different world capitals dedicated to artists from the African continent, defending the voices that she is passionate about. I sit down with the daughter of Parisian gallerists Laure and Hervé Péron to discuss the contemporary African … Read more

Deutsche Welle presents up to date African artwork | Tradition | Arts, music and life-style reporting from Germany | DW

Over the past years, that collection has been expanded to include a painting with thick black lines on a white background. An eye in the middle of a star peers out of the canvas. The image stars back at the viewer. The untitled work is by the Senegalese artist Issa Samb, known as Joe Ouakam, … Read more

Netflix Establishes Movie And TV Scholarship Fund For East Africa

NAIROBI, KENYA – SEPTEMBER 23: A woman and her son wait as the Netflix account app loads on their … [+] android smartphone on September 23, 2021 in Nairobi, Kenya. This week, the video-streaming company debuted a free service in Kenya for users of Android mobile phones. The aim is to convert viewers to full … Read more

Africa: ‘Let’s Sing, Reduce No Extra’ – Utilizing Music to Finish FGM in Africa

After four months of hard work, Sally Njie and Praise Gimba are proud to release their new song. ‘Cut No More’ delivers a catchy melody but it also shares an important message: warning about the risks of female genital mutilation (FGM). Even more impressive? It does this in three different languages ​​- Wolof, Mandinka and … Read more

Cameroon: Why Handcrafting Cameroonian Drums Is a Dying Artwork

Although locally produced drums are an integral part of music across various tribes in Cameroon, this traditionally handmade instrument is falling out of use due to the increased use of modern instruments. Drums are typically played at traditional cultural events, but some modern recording have shown an appreciation for their ancestors, too. “Our forefathers understood … Read more

The Camunga Symphony Orchestra – Greater than only a musical training

For the past decade, the Camunga Symphony Orchestra music school in Luanda has polished rough-cut diamonds of youth and changed their lives for the better. The school and orchestra get their name from its founder Ntumba Malamba Camunga. Camunga means “a small thing that is born, grows and then shines”, the founder tells us. He … Read more