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Originally founded as a data project to assess the safety of drone operators, SkyWatch has evolved to fill a unique need in the aviation insurance realm for drone insurance protections. SkyWatch’s policies include between $500,000 and $5 million in liability insurance, and you can purchase your coverage on an annual, monthly or even hourly basis depending on your unique needs as a hobbyist or business owner.

SkyWatch offers monthly and annual drone insurance policies that include both property damage and bodily injury liability. A single policy insures multiple drones, and you won’t need to pay an individual premium for each drone that you use. If you’re a business owner who uses drones as a part of your commercial activities, you can easily add a client or customer to your policy and remove them as needed. You can also access low-cost hull insurance though the platform, which provides you with insurance in the event that your drone is destroyed or damaged.

If you only occasionally use your drone, you may not be able to justify the cost of an annual insurance policy. SkyWatch also offers hourly insurance policies you can access with just a few taps on your smartphone. Getting coverage takes only a few minutes, which can be ideal for anyone who needs drone insurance on a sporadic basis.

SkyWatch’s Fly Safe Pay Less program can also be ideal for anyone looking to access low-cost drone insurance, as sharing a small amount of data can help you access discounts of up to 30% on coverage. After allowing SkyWatch to monitor your flight data by flying using the company’s DJI-compatible flight module, you’ll receive a safety score that tells you how safely you operate your drone.

SkyWatch’s Fly Safe Pay Less program is an optional way to learn responsible how to be a more drone pilot while also saving money.

Maintaining a great safety score can help you save money when you buy instant insurance coverage as well as operate your drone more responsibly. You also won’t need to wait to start taking advantage of your discounts, as you only need a minimum of five unique five-minute flights to access safety data. Fly Safe Pay Less is a completely optional program, and SkyWatch will not monitor your flight activity without your explicit consent.

In addition to drone insurance, SkyWatch also offers flexible insurance coverage for rented aircrafts. While you cannot currently purchase aviation insurance for aircraft that you own, SkyWatch’s aircraft renters insurance provides a unique and easily accessible option for flight students, instructors, hobbyists and any other type of pilot who rents aircraft and who needs flexible, affordable insurance that covers them part time.

SkyWatch offers a few unique methods you can use to reach its customer service team.

  • Over the phone: SkyWatch employs both drone and aviation specialists to ensure you’re getting accurate information directly from the professionals. To reach an aviation specialist over the phone, call 888-849-4902. To speak with a drone specialist, call 888-364-5033. Customer service is available over the phone between the hours of 9 am and 6 pm EST.
  • Via email: To send a message to SkyWatch’s team of drone specialists, email If you need to ask a question about an aviation insurance policy, send a message to

You can also schedule a personal meeting with an insurance specialist through SkyWatch’s team online.

For drone annual insurance coverage, expect prices to start at around $42 per month for a basic liability policy. If you opt to purchase a year’s worth of coverage upfront, you’ll pay $499 and up for the year, a savings of around $5 annually. You can add reduced-cost hull insurance to your drone insurance policy when you purchase an annual plan as well, and you can get coverage online or by speaking with a specialist over the phone.

Short-term insurance and aviation insurance options vary depending on a case-by-case basis, so you’ll need to get a quote to learn more about pricing. Explore the links below to get a free no-obligation quote on your drone insurance policy.

SkyWatch provides drone and aviation pilots with a unique and intuitive option to get insurance that fits their needs and budgets. When you purchase your drone insurance through SkyWatch, you can take advantage of the following benefits:

  • Flexible coverage: If you only fly your annual drone occasionally, it might not be economically efficient to purchase an insurance plan. SkyWatch allows you to buy instant, flexible coverage on an hourly basis. Simply download SkyWatch’s app, input a bit of information and get coverage quickly. You can even save money on your flexible drone insurance by sharing your flight data.
  • A single all-inclusive policy: When you purchase annual drone insurance, you can insure multiple drones under a single policy. This means that SkyWatch can help you insure even a fleet of drones with a single annual premium.
  • Flexible coverage choices: SkyWatch offers a number of ways to customize your insurance policy. You can protect yourself with up to $5 million in liability coverage, and you can easily add clients or customers onto your policy as you need. This makes SkyWatch’s policies convenient for both casual and commercial drone operators.

Purchasing a policy from SkyWatch is exceptionally easy — most users will be able to get coverage in as little as three minutes. Simply click on the “get a quote” button on the company’s homepage to begin instantly comparing billing options, price points, liability limitations and more. Getting flexible coverage through SkyWatch’s mobile app is also easy, allowing you to buy hourly coverage with just a few taps. Overall, SkyWatch offers its customers an intuitive method to get affordable insurance, even on-the-go.

SkyWatch Versus Competitors

While SkyWatch offers a convenient option for drone insurance, it does not insure every type of aircraft you might use. For example, SkyWatch doesn’t offer annual insurance policies for aircraft you own. Competitors like The Hartford Financial Services Group Inc., BWI Aviation Insurance Agency Inc. and Verifly also offer annual and monthly drone insurance policies to protect your aircraft.

Benzinga offers insights and reviews on the following drone insurance providers. Consider checking out a few of the reviews below before you make your final insurance purchase.

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SkyWatch offers an impressive range of insurance policies, with something for every type of drone enthusiast. For professional and commercial drone operators, policies are available with up to $5 million in liability and can cover multiple drones under a single plan. For hobby enthusiasts, you can get flexible coverage when you need it with just a few taps on your smartphone.

While SkyWatch’s aviation coverage is limited, it offers a wide selection of options for drone pilots that will fit most users’ needs. SkyWatch even offers a Fly Safe Pay Less program, which allows you to save money by sharing your flight data.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What does aircraft insurance cover?


Most aircraft insurance policies cover personal property and body injury liabilities. This means that if your aircraft damages someone’s property or injures them, your insurance will help pay for the cost of resulting legal and medical bills for the parties you hurt. The specific inclusions you’ll find on your aircraft insurance policy will vary depending on the terms of your contract.


Do student pilots need aircraft insurance?


While you are not legally required to have aircraft insurance as a student, you may want to purchase coverage regardless to protect yourself financially in the event of an accident. Many flight schools will not enroll new students who do not have at least some level of aircraft liability insurance.

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