iBynd’s Embedded Platform Powers Appalachian Underwriters’ Digital Providing of Staff’ Compensation Protection from biBERK, a Berkshire Hathaway Firm

iBynd’s no code, embedded rate-quote-bind platform provides Appalachian Underwriters’ agents with on demand access to biBERK’s A-rated workers’ compensation product

ENGLEWOOD CLIFFS, NJ and Oak Ridge, Tenn., Nov. 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Appalachian Underwriters, Inc. (AUI) and iBynd, LLC (iBynd) have teamed up with biBERK, a Berkshire Hathaway Company (biBERK), to offer independent agents immediate ability to digitally rate, quote, and bind biBERK’s workers’ compensation insurance. Powered by iBynd’s proprietary, embedded insurance platform, AUI’s agents can deliver biBERK’s workers’ compensation policies to customers in as little as 5 minutes. The combined effort delivers quick, easy access to coverage for small and midsize businesses (SMBs) who are time-strapped and want coverage and proof of insurance at the point-of-sale.

iBynd’s sophisticated technology stack is powered by deep integrations developed by working closely with biBERK and Appalachian Underwriters to include underwriting standards, product rules, and API calls that empower AUI agents to generate a fast rate, firm quote, and online bind of biBERK workers’ compensation insurance that takes only 5 minutes. Real time results include proof of insurance at the point-of-sale and control panels to manage policies after purchase is complete.

iBynd developed deep integrations with biBERK and AUI that empower agents to rate, quote & bind in under five minutes.

“iBynd’s solution is a perfect fit for agents, empowering them to quote biBERK directly from our portal without any additional credentialing necessary,” said Dakota Stiles, Digital Enablement Manager at AUI. “Newly appointed agents have no wait, and existing agents benefit from single sign-on. This instant access eliminates weeks of delay, allowing our agents to quickly place much needed workers’ compensation coverage for their SMB clients.”

Embedded with just a few lines of code, iBynd’s platform boasts built in integrations, underwriting rules, and business requirements crafted through careful collaboration between iBynd, AUI, and biBERK. With iBynd’s platform at the center, integrations with biBERK and AUI systems drive major gains for agents. Integrations with AUI’s systems provide real time access to manage business. Single sign-on integrations allow agents to use their AUI login credentials to access biBERK’s workers’ compensation product as soon as they are appointed. Sophisticated API integrations with biBERK are the key to streamlined, accurate quotes and point-of-sale documentation. Security is a top priority with iBynd’s solution. Data is encrypted in flight and at rest in the database to ensure secure transactions, with data backups and disaster recovery also included.

“Integrations are a core competency of iBynd’s platform, with information passing between the parties to ensure a smooth, accurate rate-quote-bind process and simple, accessible business management,” said Phil Friedman, CEO of iBynd. “We have a history of working with AUI to accelerate their agents’ success with A-rated insurance, and our combined efforts continue with this launch. We are thrilled to advance the work with AUI and biBERK in bringing these differentiating advantages to the agency base.” and ultimately the small and midsize commercial businesses who reap the benefits.

About iBynd

iBynd is an insurance technology company licensed in 50 states. With a strong technical backbone, marketing experience and proprietary distribution solutions, iBynd makes it easy and fast to rate, quote and bind insurance online in real-time, delivering “A” rated insurance and peace of mind to clients and customers. The company was created by passionate insurance professionals, engineers, and marketing executives with one goal in mind: to combine insurance and technology to deliver a dynamic product that truly protects customers. Follow iBynd at https://www.linkedin.com/company/ibynd/.

About Appalachian Underwriters, Inc. (AUI)

Appalachian Underwriters, Inc. (AUI) is a full-service MGA and wholesale insurance brokerage, providing independent agents a national outlet to multiple specialized markets for workers’ compensation, commercial, life, and personal lines of insurance. Appalachian Underwriters is wholly owned by Acrisure, LLC. To learn more, please visit www.appund.com.

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